I love enzyme brown rice. Enzyme brown rice is rice that has been fermented for three days at a low temperature of 40 to 50 degrees, promoting the germination of brown rice and increasing its nutritional value.

Enzyme brown rice is easy to eat without the unique difficulty of brown rice, and it is soft and fluffy. It also has a slight sweetness and is very delicious.

I love to keep enzyme brown rice warm for three days and eat it. By keeping it warm for three days, the taste of enzyme brown rice deepens and becomes even more delicious.

The other day, I happened to see black azuki beans, so I tried cooking them with enzyme brown rice. The sweetness of the black azuki beans goes well with enzyme brown rice, and it was very delicious.

From now on, I have decided to cook black azuki beans with enzyme brown rice.

Of course, spending time alone is important for relaxing, but for me, the most comfortable and relaxing time is spent with someone else. Here at Hinatabocco, having friends of the same age who are working hard gives me energy and allows me to continue growing. Why don’t you try sunbathing here at this opportunity?

We will share our life in an old Japanese house, farming, DIY, and introductions. We are also looking for people who can help us with living in a share house or renovating an old Japanese house. Why don’t you join us in revitalizing the local community?

We are currently looking for residents for our share house.