Young shoots of sansho pepper have started to appear. The young shoots of sansho pepper are soft and fragrant, perfect for the spring dining table.

The young shoots of sansho pepper are used in various dishes such as tempura, salads, and stir-fries, but I love to make them into “kinome miso”. Kinome miso is a mixture of young shoots of sansho pepper, Hatcho miso, mirin, sake, and coarse sugar.

The pungent flavor of the young shoots of sansho pepper and the richness of Hatcho miso blend well together, making it an excellent accompaniment to rice balls and rice.

Kinome miso can also be enjoyed as “takuan miso”. Takuan is a dish where tofu or konjac coated with kinome miso is grilled. The aroma of the young shoots of sansho pepper stimulates your appetite and makes you want to eat more rice.

Sansho pepper’s young shoots are in season, so please try them out during this time.

Of course, spending time alone is important for relaxing, but for me, the most comfortable and relaxing time is spent with someone else. Here at Hinatabocco, having friends of the same age who are working hard gives me energy and allows me to continue growing. Why don’t you try sunbathing here at this opportunity?

We will share our life in an old Japanese house, farming, DIY, and introductions. We are also looking for people who can help us with living in a share house or renovating an old Japanese house. Why don’t you join us in revitalizing the local community?

We are currently looking for residents for our share house.