りんごのほのかな甘い香りが漂い、 たっぷりとりんご蜂蜜を使用した


まだまだ途中段階ですが、 口に運ぶとつい微笑んでしまう 「幸せ〜」な気持ちになります。

ここからさらに手を加えます。 完成品はランチで披露し、 たくさんの人に味わってもらえることを願っています。

Today, I made honey lemon using apple honey. Apple honey has a slightly sweet apple scent and was very delicious. The honey lemon is still unfinished, but I felt happy when I tasted it. I will continue to prepare it and present it at lunch. I want many people to try it.

I love cooking. Cooking calms my mind. Also, by cooking, I can express my creativity. Through cooking, I want to make many people happy.

“Meet new students and working professionals, gain new perspectives. That’s what internships are all about here. We strive together to make Hinatabocco even better, so you can improve your skills and develop your thinking abilities. Why not challenge yourself and discover new things with us?”