The cute-shaped daikon radishes had forms that resembled human figures. Some had faces drawn on them, while others had arms and legs, showcasing various expressions. They were all irresistibly adorable, making me want to pick them up in my hands.

I chose a daikon radish with a face drawn on it. The radish’s face appeared to be smiling. It made me want to spend my days with a smile, just like the radish.

When I got home, I washed the radish and peeled off its skin. Then, I sliced it thinly.

Around that time, I received freshly harvested amanita mushrooms from local residents as a gift. The amanita mushrooms were thick and shiny.

Using the amanita mushrooms, I decided to make a mushroom hot pot. I brought the broth to a boil and added the amanita mushrooms, daikon radish, napa cabbage, crown daisy, and green onions.

The mushroom hot pot was ready in no time. The mushrooms were plump, and the daikon radish was crunchy. The aroma of the mushrooms aroused my appetite.

I scooped up some rice and dipped it into the mushroom hot pot. The mushrooms had a rich umami flavor, and the daikon radish remained crunchy. I couldn’t stop eating.

The mushroom hot pot was the perfect dish for a cold day. It warmed my body and brought a cozy feeling to my heart.

The cute-shaped daikon radish and freshly harvested amanita mushrooms brought happiness to me.

Of course, spending time alone is important for relaxing, but for me, the most comfortable and relaxing time is spent with someone else. Here at Hinatabocco, having friends of the same age who are working hard gives me energy and allows me to continue growing. Why don’t you try sunbathing here at this opportunity?

We will share our life in an old Japanese house, farming, DIY, and introductions. We are also looking for people who can help us with living in a share house or renovating an old Japanese house. Why don’t you join us in revitalizing the local community?

We are currently looking for residents for our share house.